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Chemicool is an online comprehensive periodic table made by David Hsu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1996. It contains a detailed information about different elements of the Periodic Table which was first developed by Mendeleyev in 1869. Each elements in the Chemicool periodic table has a link to a detailed description of that element. It displays there the general information about the elements, its states, energies, Oxidation and Electrons, Appearance and Characteristics, Reaction, Form Radius, Conductivity, and Abundance. For instance, Oxygen has an atomic weight of 15.9994 and it was discovered in 1774. Iron, with Fe as its symbol, has a melting point of 1808.2 K and it is fairly soft when pure.

Chemicool has a number of useful features for teachers and students to use like the Unit Conversion calculator, and the Ideal Gas Law calculator where you can even mix SI units with English units and still get the right answer. There's also a dictionary of chemical terms for reference.

You can also find a forum there where you can discuss anything about Chemistry. There's a forum for a general discussion or debate of chemical principles. There's also a discussion about the Periodic Table of Elements where you can talk about anything related to elements. Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, and Computational Chemistry are also up for discussion. Site suggestion is also welcome.

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